The Decoration
The leading theme through the decoration is to create a soft ambience, cosy and welcoming with a careful selection of furniture from the best Italian brands, enriched by a selection of fabrics and decorative objects reflecting the contemporary yet elegant taste of the interiors with some colour accents, where all material used give as much as possible of a natural feeling.

Skyrose Layout
Skyrose layout has been thought in way to offer the terrace area as a real extension to the living area under the Mediterranean sky, while allowing the panorama to play the starring role. Besides the privacy between the bedrooms is granted by their opposite positioning in respect to the overall distribution of the spaces. The layout as the proportion of the Master Bedroom is important, providing the feeling of being in a Royal Suite inside the apartment.

A Unique Shower Cabin
The vast Master bathroom distinguishes as well it self by a unique shower cabin, which one of its wall is the bay window of the room with a double glass including a Venetian curtain in the middle, enjoying this way a magnificent panorama for relaxation moment.

The Marble Arches
The signature of the apartment lies in the marble arches, present in the living, dining and Master bath room, while integrating seamlessly subtle led light system. This natural marble called “Patagonia” is extracted from Brazilian caves and composed of conglomerate of marble, granite and crystals, characterized by white, beige, yellow and orange colour tones.

Walnut Wood
Both for flooring and for fixed furniture has been selected Walnut Wood that however have different origins and characteristics thus different colours. At floor it has been foreseen a light bleached and brushed walnut, open pore, matt finishing. The idea is to have a surface with a soft tactile effect and totally natural at view. Most of the furniture have been foreseen in American Walnut, slightly toned, closed pore with matt finishing.

Lamps Sculptures
Purposely crafted for Skyrose, the lamps sculptures in blown glass spheres add a sublime final touch of sophistication and modernity in the living room. Realized each one with a different technique, each offers an admirable combination of shades of blue. The integrated led lighting source inside the spheres amplifies the artistic effect as well as permitting to use it as diffused atmosphere lighting element.


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